... singen ist Glückssache


What is GiO?


Gospel im Osten (GiO) unites the dreams of a pastor for his church and of an architect and choir master with a love for gospel music: Both wanting to bring the soulful power and message of gospel music into the church, to be a sounding and welcoming church for many people.



About GiO


In 2005, GiO was founded in the Heilandskirche, a small church in the east of Stuttgart and the first project with about 30 people under the direction of Thomas Dillenhöfer and the musician and pianist Alexander Pfeiffer was started. Both are still leading the musical paths of the choir today and with the realization of their gifts and visions the small choir has developed within 10 years into a choir known all over Germany. Today, the choir, which now has about 600 voices, is still located in the east of Stuttgart, but in a much larger church, the Friedenskirche.


A matter of luck – our principles


We are deeply convinced that “singing is a matter of luck” and want to share it with everyone wishing to sing with us, regardless of what one “can, has or is”. Therefore, for 15 years now, we stick to the following principles:

•  Anyone who wants to sing can sing along. It is not necessary to be vocally trained or to have an audition in advance.

•  There is no fixed “sing along fee”. However, we are dependent on donations to finance GiO. Therefore, everyone should give as much as they can and want.

•  Origin, religion, education, age … should not play any role. GiO would like to make people sing beyond boundaries.


How to sing along …


A GiO year consists of two projects: A spring/summer project and an autumn/winter project. Entry is possible at the beginning of each project. Usually, a project lasts about 4 months and ends with some concerts in the Friedenskirche and other venues. The regular rehearsals take place on Tuesdays in the Friedenskirche Stuttgart: They start at 19.30 and end with a short thought and prayer at 21.45. Information about the dates and events can be found here.

As a choir with many nationalities feeling at home already, we are looking forward to also welcoming you! Please send us your questions to info{at}gospelimosten.de.


Looking for something “smaller”?


Besides the big GiO choir there is also the smaller GospelHaus choir: This choir (80 to 100 singers) sings every 3rd Sunday of the month in the gospel service GospelHaus. The rehearsals take place on Thursday at 19.30, right before the gospel service. Here, we expect constant participation for at least 9 to 12 months.  More information about GospelHaus can be found here.